To create a tuna sandwich

tuna is a bluefin fish that may be found in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic seas. There are eight different species, including Al-Jahiz and Albacore, which are the most well-known.

tuna sandwich ingredients:

  1. mayonnaise (two tablespoons) 
  2. Tuna is a fish that may be eaten. 
  3. 1 tablespoon mustard 1 slice cheddar cheese, sliced into cubes 
  4. 1 tablespoon onion, shredded 
  5. lemon juice (two teaspoons) 
  6. a loaf of bread (the right amount) 
  7. Cut into tiny pieces a hot pepper 
  8. salt with black pepper

Steps in the preparation process:

Drain the oil completely 

Add the tuna, onions, and hot pepper cubes, then whisk in the remaining ingredients (cheese cubes, mustard, mayonnaise, pepper, lemon juice, salt).



Frozen peas, two cups Pasta with a butterfly form. 1 cup celery, chopped A filtered and crushed tuna can in the water. Mayonnaise (three-quarters of a cup) Low-fat cottage cheese (three-quarters of a cup). 2 tbsp. green dill, finely chopped Buttermilk (three-quarters of a cup) a quarter-teaspoon of sea salt

How to Get Ready:

Boil the pasta, then add the green peas three minutes before it’s done. Drain and rinse them with cool water before placing them in a big dish to serve. In an electric mixer, combine the cheese, milk cream, and mayonnaise until smooth, then add the dill and salt and put aside. Pour the cheese mixture over the celery and tuna in the pasta and peas, stirring constantly. Allow an hour for the pasta salad dish to cool before serving.


Tuna sandwiches and sandwiches are among the most delicious types of sandwiches that can be cooked quickly at home and served at any time, and we have two distinct recipes for tuna sandwiches in this post, which we hope you like.

The tuna is a sleek and streamlined fish, adapted for speed. It has two closely spaced dorsal fins on its back; The first is “depressible”

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