How to make Italian tiramisu cake

The method for making Italian tiramisu cake is one of the most well-known and popular Italian desserts, especially among Nescafe fans. The tiramisu dessert may have enough cream, chocolate, and biscuits to make it a filling and delectable meal. It also includes chocolate and sugar, which have a calming effect on the nervous system and make people happy. It also gives the body the energy it needs and may be made into a cake and served on a variety of occasions.

ingredients Italian tiramisu cake:

* 2.50 tbsp cocoa powder 

* Finger cookies, 100 g 

* 4 cups of Nescafe 

* 3 eggs 100 grams sugar 

* 300 g sour cream 

* a quarter teaspoon of salt

Steps in the preparation process :

Separate the yolk and white of the egg and place them in separate dishes.
Toss the sugar into the yolks and mix vigorously with a hand or electric whisk.
To get a smooth cream, add one spoonful of cheese at a time and stir with the yolk.
Using an electric whisk, beat the whites with a pinch of salt until stiff peaks form. Add this combination to the cream that has already been made and combine thoroughly with a spoon.
Put the cold Nescafe in a basin and rapidly dip the Nescafe biscuits in it, so they don’t absorb too much and shatter. The biscuit pieces are put in a row within the cake tray.
Using the brush, spread the full amount of cream cheese over the biscuits until they are entirely coated and level.
Using a fine strainer, sift the cocoa over the cream until it is completely smooth.
You might enjoy it.

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