The finest after-marriage beauty advice

 We observe that our attractiveness deteriorates after marriage, and we return to our concentration with the house and children. ” beauty “

beauty : The greatest way to keep your attractiveness after you’ve married

1- weight: beauty concept

Make sure you weigh yourself at least once a month to see how much your weight has changed as a result of following a certain diet or skipping meals, because you already know that skipping meals, not organizing your time, and eating foods that aren’t good for your body makes you vulnerable to weight gain, and you’ll miss the agility that you’ve always had.

2- The epidermis:

You used to set aside certain times before your marriage to make skin masks in order to keep it pure and wonderful, but you no longer do so due to your preoccupation with other things; however, there is no objection to painting the masks and performing household tasks with them or doing them while watching TV shows.

3- hairstyles:

Your friends are envious of your long, smooth hair, and your husband previously expressed his admiration for it, which was the result of your care for it; however, now that you are satisfied with styling it in a bun so that it does not bother you while performing household tasks, there is no need for this hairstyle any longer, and you should renew your hairstyle. To understand what you were getting from statements expressing how amazing and lovely it is

4 – sports / magic beauty:

You may have been fat after marriage and have overcome this problem, but you are worried about the sagging skin that has resulted from your weight loss and wishes to get rid of it. Do it at home to receive a significant burst of activity and vigor that will help you get through your day’s arduous duties while also giving you a tight and lovely physique.

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