To create a tuna sandwich


tuna is a bluefin fish that may be found in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic seas. There are eight different species, including Al-Jahiz and Albacore, which are the most well-known. tuna sandwich ingredients: mayonnaise (two tablespoons)  Tuna is a fish that may be eaten.  1 tablespoon mustard 1 slice cheddar cheese, sliced into cubes  1 … Read more

Spaghetti Recipe

spaghetti recipes

Spaghetti recipe prepares pasta with sauce in the oven without meat in simple steps at home, a light and quick meal suited for dieters. Ingredients for Spaghetti Pasta (half a kilo) (500 grams)  1 chopped onion  1 chopped green bell pepper  1 minced hot pepper (optional)  4 garlic cloves, smashed  3 gallons tomato juice  2 … Read more

How to make Italian tiramisu cake

tiramisu cake

The method for making Italian tiramisu cake is one of the most well-known and popular Italian desserts, especially among Nescafe fans. The tiramisu dessert may have enough cream, chocolate, and biscuits to make it a filling and delectable meal. It also includes chocolate and sugar, which have a calming effect on the nervous system and … Read more

coconut cake: how to make it

Coconut Cake food recipes

This recipe is perfect for anybody who likes a light and tasty cake. Try the straightforward and clear approach for making the delectable coconut cake that we provide to you with images from Atyab Tabkha. Ingredients Coconut Cake: 1 pound of flour  1 pound of coconut  1 quart of yogurt  1 pound of sugar  12 CUP … Read more

Food’s Influence on Your Health

Food's Fried chicken with garlic

Obesity has become more common in the United States, with nearly a third of adults (33.8 percent) and around 17 percent (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2 to 19 years being obese. Foods A bad diet is linked to considerable health hazards, including disease and death. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, … Read more

Tips for keeping your hair healthy over the winter

Tips for keeping your hair healthy over the 01

Tips to keep your hair in the winter: Due to dehydration, the skin and hai deteriorate with the arrival of winter’s cold, and the situation worsens if the skin and hair are not properly maintained. In this article, I discuss the beauty of hair in the chilly winter.  If we investigate the composition of hair, … Read more

In the winter, there are several natural remedies for dry hands.

Natural recipes to get rid of dry hands in winter1

Oatmeal recipe : We suffer from dry hands a lot in the winter, which can be caused by excessive use of water, cold weather, or other factors. It’s important to know the most important natural recipes that can be prepared at home to combat dry hands in the winter, rather than relying on industrial moisturizers … Read more

The finest after-marriage beauty advice

The finest after-marriage beauty advice1

 We observe that our attractiveness deteriorates after marriage, and we return to our concentration with the house and children. ” beauty “ beauty : The greatest way to keep your attractiveness after you’ve married 1- weight: beauty concept Make sure you weigh yourself at least once a month to see how much your weight has changed … Read more

The skin-care routine that is consistent


Normal skin is thought to be one of the most ideal types of skin because its pores are small and rarely suffer from acne or blackheads, in addition to its delicate, smooth, moist texture and balanced sebum secretion. Despite this, normal skin requires special attention and a routine tailored to it in order to maintain … Read more

How to cook Mexican tacos


Tacos are a popular Mexican dish that may be made in a variety of ways using chicken or pork, and can also be served with fruit. Ingredients: *1/2 pound boneless shredded chicken breasts  *2 lemons, squeezed  *2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp tortilla pieces  *1/2 teaspoon onion powder (teaspoon)  *garlic powder, 1/2 teaspoon (teaspoon)  *1 … Read more