Exceptional design for a luxury villa

The villa is among the most prestigious worldwide villa designs since it was specifically created to offer all the elements of luxury and luxury in the house d├ęcor.

The villa has three floors, the first of which is open to the outdoor courtyard and has alternate glass facades on the walls on all sides to exhibit the stunning exterior views and make sure we don’t miss the chance to see them from any position inside the house.

Spacious reception room:

A large welcome area that is open to the living room gives the home its characteristic airiness. As we can see in the image, the furniture has been carefully chosen, and the use of raw wood in the furniture improves its beauty and richness. Using several furniture styles together

dining room:

The contemporary dining room table is located here in a kitchen-area nook. Observe the contemporary lighting fixtures that dangle from the wood-paneled ceiling.

kitchen design in a modern style:

The dining area is connected to the kitchen, which has a modern design and is visible from the villa’s foyer.

The villa’s second story:

The bedrooms, which are located on the second and third floors of the house and all have sea views, were designed with glass facades so that guests could still enjoy the view in addition to the advantage of sitting on their private terraces.

Take note of the designer’s use of wood, both for the floors and some of the wall covering.


A different bedroom..the designer here again paid attention to covering portions of the walls with wood and paying attention to the presence of a plant element inside the space, especially because it is well ventilated. It is clear from the design of the bedrooms that the architect kept a manageable amount of furnishings while maximizing space

Children’s bedroom:

A child’s room that resembles the interiors of seaside homes and is predominantly white, conjures up feelings of calmness, tranquility, and brightness, as well as a lasting impression of empty space and a lot of room.

Children‘s bedroom:

bathroom design:

The contemporary bathroom design also incorporates the “Diao Color” or bi-color approach, which calls for using no more than two colors in varying intensities.

The main terrace of the villa was equipped with outdoor furniture and arranged for dreamy sessions to take in the romantic winter sun or the crisp summer air. The designer did not forget about this area.

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