About Us

Hello, my name is Asfala, and I’d like to welcome you to my website! 

I’m a multi-award-winning videographer and a self-taught cook! For the past ten years, I’ve been cooking and writing, and I really adore it! I became a vegetarian some years ago and saw an instant improvement in my health, sleep, happiness, and general lifestyle. I’m a vegetarian now! About-Us

Every week, I share the delectable and easy dishes that have truly transformed my life. I like food (I even dream about it), and the most important lesson I’ve learned in the last decade is that food tastes better when it’s simply cooked, yet delightfully while accentuating the natural components. 

In addition to these recipes, I make and offer a slew of free guides, ideas, and tactics that I hope will help you achieve your goals. My goal is to provide these easy and tasty dishes from my kitchen to yours with love. 

“Asfala” has over 60 recipes, so there’s enough to select from. 

So, what can you expect to see on Asfala in terms of recipes? 

Recipes that are simple, doable, and vegan 

There are so many amazing possibilities! 

Healthy fats, cereals, plant-based flours, and sugars are just a few of the components

I believe in leading a balanced life, therefore I’ve spent a lot of time exercising and looking after my mental health. It also implies that I don’t want you to feel confined in or out of the kitchen! Enjoy your holiday, and don’t forget to eat dessert and take a rest now and again. Enjoy your life to the fullest!! About-Us

Enjoy your meal! If you’re new to the site: 

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All of my guides, including travel guides, how-tos, and meal prep blogs, may be found here. 

My favorite recipe in the kitchen is coconut chickpea curry. 

These are my vegan cookies, and they’re some of my favorites. I could eat these for the rest of my life, and I adore giving them as gifts over the holidays!