80s Bedroom Designs We Still Love

Whether you like it or not, 80s fashion is back in vogue, spurring a new wave of designers to produce modernized takes on the era that include some of its most iconic styles. The 1980s were a divisive decade in terms of style and interior decoration. It was a decadent period when conflicting inspirations were utilized in loud and frequently extravagant ways to represent the times (and finally usher in the ’90s minimalism).

80s interiors were characterized by a variety of disparate trends, including chintz, Laura Ashley floral prints, Pop Art, neon colors and lighting, asymmetry, and color palettes that ranged from red-and-black to pink-and-green to peach or mauve everything. The decade was also defined by punk rock and postmodernism. Marble could be found everywhere, including as accessories, wall treatments, and furniture. Shabby chic, geometric designs with rounded edges influenced by Art Deco, South-Western influences, or postmodern design

The 1980s were all about trying new things, drawing inspiration from the daring designs of the 1960s and 1970s, and fusing it with art deco design. If the decade were a person, it would command attention.

80s decor bedroom Miami:

ASFALA of 80s Modern used old and flea market items to design her ’80s-inspired Los Angeles studio, making references to Miami, postmodernism, and the era’s popular culture. asfala centered the design of her bedroom on rounded shapes, common light-reflecting mirrors, tropical plants, and the vivid neon hues that defined the decade. The clean, open space with the light-colored hardwood floors maintains everything seeming modern without going too far into the museum exhibit zone.

Graphic Black and White 80s:

This striking black-and-white bedroom by ASFALA Design boasts dramatic bronze details that harken back to the decade’s iconic gold-toned metallics, which have recently made a resurgence. My closest friend’s room from childhood in the 1980s was the influence, claims Patton. “I wanted to create a fantastic environment for my kid because I remember how magical it was. The canopy and Fortuny combined in a ASFALA style from the 1980s is a quirky variation on a memory from my youth.

80s style bedroom decor:

ASFALA of vintage transformed the separate bedroom into its own pop tribute to Southwestern design, another well-liked style from the 1980s, in this converted ’80s dance club loft in Los Angeles. The vibrant carpets and bedding were found during a road trip across the American West.

style bedroom decor

With its daring use of contrasting patterns and colors, this bedroom by ASFALA captures the spirit of the 1980s while seeming modern. Making 1980s design suitable for today, in Asfala words, “is all about removing the bulk and blending comfort with sleek modern forms.” He cites as an example how overstuffed furniture from the 1980s is being updated by furniture designers by adding sleek metal frames to produce a modern interpretation of the design. It’s interesting to see how ’80s design is being dissected and reimagined for today’s fashion-forward trends while keeping the comfort of our bodies in mind, adds Asfala.

1980s style bedding

With its vibrant plum and lavender color-blocked walls, curved black wood Autoban bed frame lined in purple velvet, red upholstered ottoman, plush black carpeting, and the neon sign spelling out “phantasmagoria” above the bed, this bedroom by ASFALA Design is a modern twist on ’80s decor.

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